The Clock That Makes You TICK


How many of us can say we know who we are?

We think we do and we do a damn good job of convincing others of the fact but yet all too often being in our own skin is sometimes like a slightly odd fitting piece of clothing, never quite suiting us regardless from which angle we look.

First and foremost, most of us have got no sodding clue who we really are. We are like snow balls rolling down the hill picking up more and more snow until one day the snow melts and nothing makes the sense that it once did.

How much of ourselves is truly a reflection of our wants and dreams and how much of it is all just some random packaging we picked up along the way.

Welcome to class 101 on getting to know yourself.

How do we get started, well it’s all about Values! My job is to get you back in touch with what makes you tick, what sets you apart, what are you willing to suffer for today and tomorrow and what will bring the bliss back into your life.

To get started, click on the link to the values exercise below and then why not book onto a "Discovery" session to go deeper. 

Values Clarification Exercise

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