Amanda Devine
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unravel, own & be you!



I coach people who want to be themselves, who want to step away from reactive living and experience a more connected and congruent life with themselves, others and our planet.

I love to work with men and women who are curious to find out what makes them unique, how they can make it their greatest gift and how to love those parts they don’t consider worthy. I coach in at the deep end, in the world of emotion with those who are deeply emotional and suffer with feelings of low self-confidence. My tribe of people have spent years building masks that say to the world, “I am strong” and “I don’t need anyone to help me”. Lately, the mask isn’t working and this is where our work together begins!

Together, we harness the power of your inner emotional environment, face the difficult conversations, intentionally grow a self-love mindset and powerfully build great resilience and curiosity.


expand, nurture & flow


"Authentic empathy, no judgment, no waffle, no beating about the bush, Amanda’s coaching is provocative and full of practical support.."

Michelle Carvill


learn to lead from the inside out


Self-Love Leadership

It would be easy to dismiss LOVE as a fundamental leadership skill and yet, the absence of love in our businesses, with ourselves and our connection to nature have cost us much more than just sleepless nights.

Our internal and societal systems are fractured and your desire to leave the road most-travelled in favour of your own path is the beginning of the journey back to wholeness.


Motivational Speaker

Our stories can inspire others to step into brave choices or to journey into stillness and reflect on their own story. My story is one of moving through grief, corporate burnout and Cancer. Telling my story not only gives permission to others to tell theirs but it is also an invitation to move beyond what you think is possible in the face of great challenges.

If you would like me to come tell my story to a group of people you work with or are looking to impact, get in touch.