8 Questions to Discover your Excitement


Notice I said discover your “excitement”. I’m not sure about you but the never-ending bombardment of blogs entitled 'find your passion, pursue your passion, live your passion are, quite frankly, enough to send anyone under the duvet for days on end.

As children, we did things we were excited in doing, we leaned into the feeling, leaving the boring stuff behind. Coaching gave me the permission I needed to start letting go of my adult sensibilities and play, to embrace the explorer mindset, to trust the feeling over thinking, to keep the motion in my emotion, to revel in all that life has to offer. 

I like to call this part of the process, "stepping into the knowing". Knowing we can't stand something, have intrigue for it or know we love it and want more. How to get there? Well that lies in "experimentation" in the doing.  When you were young, you never thought twice about a lot of the stuff you did. You didn’t think “ooh if I make this mud pie”, it’ll be great training for if I want to be a baker (just as well really). You were just excited about doing it, plain and simple.

Excitement does not elude to one single thing you must commit your life to, it’s a journey of exploration which you can dip in and out of with childlike curiosity. You are a human being, your are engineered to constantly experiment and evolve. Start by getting to know where your excitement shows up. I remember sitting down one day and listing a whole heap of areas I thought mattered to me. I wrote down everything and anything that flickered an emotion, any emotion. I just wanted to feel something.

One of my interests was “eco- housing”. That was it, nothing more. I knew I loved recycling even if I didn’t do it all the time. I loved nature, I was fascinated by hippies of all kind, I envied those people that lived simpler lives in harmony with the earth and it pissed me off that houses cost so much and are so badly designed. That afternoon I found my excitement!  My procrastinator did her best to stop me, she encouraged endless cups of tea, pottering galore but she was always interrupted by google and sheer determination. So what was this grand explosion of fireworks in my brain and butterflies in my stomach, well none other than “Self-building an Earthship course”! 

No Joke, I laughed so much that afternoon. I didn’t care if the world thought I was crazy. This sparked fun. “Beam me up scotty”. I was sold, I booked onto that course and learned to follow my excitement.

Needless to say it didn’t lead me to the career of my dreams but it led a braver and bolder me.  It was this mindset which then led me to finding my bliss in coaching.

It’s ok if your adult human brain doubts it, thinking it’s all too simple to be possible, but hey if it’s that simple what have you got to lose by trying it!

Download the exercise to 'Discover Your Excitement.'

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