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Wednesday morning, whilst sitting in my apartment in Barcelona, watching the weather shift and transform, I was drawn to the duality of sadness and joy that comes with the deeper exploration of ourselves.

October 12th in Spain was "Dia de la Hispanidad" a day that marks the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the new world in 1492.

A day that stands firm in our history books as the achievement of one man's passion and purpose, a day that inspired a new age of exploration, trade and above all contact between new cultures for the very first time.

And yet, this day in turn is one associated with extreme depths of sadness. The kind of pain resulting from decisions and actions which are not in service of the human spirit or universal connection.

As a coach, and as someone who has a coach I am passionate about self-work. Exploring the duality of emotions in our bodies and minds  is something I am consistently leaning into. Feeling into our sadness gives permission and opportunity to understand how we dance in the moment and how we want to dance in future moments. Ultimately we all face one great destiny from birth and that is death. In exploring the truth of who we really are on a daily basis, we are able to dance with all elements, liberate ourselves from fear of what is to come, enjoy the beauty in every moment and raise our conscious awareness to new levels in service of ourselves and others. 

Connect to a deeper sense of knowing

Now ultimately what this means sometimes is letting the tears roll in front of judgement, having a date with heartache or stepping into a fire when you know it's going to burn.  So how do we connect to a deeper sense of knowing as opposed to just relish in the temporary state of an action/feeling. How do we explore the depths of both our conscious and unconscious self in order to unlock new possibilities, uncover new information and operate from our emerging futures.

Coaching is one such solution, it is a powerful and sacred relationship where there is profound commitment to cultivate the self and accelerate another's development, but what about when you are on your own and need a structure to keep the lens on the motion in your emotion.

Sacred Vlogging

One "prototype" with which you may wish to experiment is the "Sacred Vlog". Video blogs that are not for the public domain but for your own self-growth and learning.  Your very own cathartic voyage.

The "Sacred Vlog" knocked on my door as a means to understanding and getting curious about why I could not be with anger. I seemed to be angry about everything but no matter how hard I tried, I struggled to let it out in front of others. I needed a safe place in which to unleash my rage and this is one such tool that is supporting me to truly live my values.

As a human being, I am not interested in fixing myself or others because we are not and never will be broken. Our universe however, works from the notion of everything is movement. How we choose to mark and remember the history of our own lives comes down to understanding where the music of our lives life is changing and where new notes can be added to make the dance even more worthwhile.

Download the Elemental Dance / Sacred Vlog exercise.

Over to you.

What regular practices work for you when exploring the duality of your emotions. Share your story as well as your hot tips for changing the rhythm of your dance.

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