Life coaching is an experience that can shift people in ways they never imagined. With all the good things that coaching is and has to offer, it is for some, a luxury they cannot afford and for others, a signal to the world that implies they are weak or broken.

I want to open up the experience of being coached to more people and crush the myth that saying YES to help/guidance does not show strength. I want more people to feel their soul is truly alive and that is why I’ve launched the “Ignite your Light” campaign.

I’m interested in working with individuals who

  • are no longer connecting with the world and what they love
  • feel like life has given them one too many rough rides and need support to break the cycle
  • are struggling with stress and anxiety on where to go next in their lives
  • are at constant odds and feeling miserable with the current job they have 

I invite you to apply or nominate a friend/family member or indeed member of the local community who you think would benefit from the experience of coaching. If you are (or know someone who is)on a low income salary, currently unemployed or barely making ends meet then drop me a line and tell me a bit more about the story behind the person.  

Once I have your story, I will make contact with more information on coaching, what it is, what it isn’t, as well as the logistics of how we get started.

* A note to the wise - The idea of being coached can for some be a scary prospect. The intent here is to ignite light not dim it, so if  you intend to nominate someone, do have a conversation with them about it either before or after the application submission, if possible walk them through your experiences of coaching or show them the website information. In otherwords be gentle, mindful and respectful of their thoughts and feelings.

To apply or nominate someone, complete the information below: 

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What shall I call you?
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