#IntoMeYouSee Gathering

February 2020, GOA, India

Discover the forgotten parts of who you are and reclaim your personal power

IntoMeYouSee is a 7-day Yoga and personal leadership retreat to guide everyday people to a fuller sense of self.

This retreat is an invitation to explore the wisdom of your body, feelings, mind and current reality. To relax, reflect and find new sources of inspiration, challenge and peace within yourself through empowered action. A place where we say “hell YES" to living vibrantly and say "NO" to pesky fears that keep us stuck, on auto-pilot and always waiting for tomorrow.

Through daily yoga you'll experience an exploration of the wisdom of your body. 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops and guided meditation will inspire action that will make a difference in your day to day life.



#Accommodation & Venue

Finally, our introduction to ritual ceremony, sacred medicine (Cacao) and Sound therapy will nurture, support and heal you, The wonder of a personal development experience with a holiday of a lifetime by the beach.

From the moment you arrive, you will be held, supported, inspired and moved towards your greatest expression

Come home to your magic, run towards your magnificence and let our programme of discovery light the way.


Wake up each day and go to sleep each night in an open air bungalow deep in lush tropical gardens


This gorgeous eco-retreat sits on acres of land abundant with spiritual energy, wild local flowers and cashew trees. Its raw natural beauty encourages stillness and positive reflection..

An eco-swimming pool rests amidst lush greenery. It is a  15 min walk through the local village of Ashvem Wado to the white sandy beaches of Goa’s exotic coastline.

Shower off the day's adventures beneath the clear starry sky before joining us for dinner where fragrant local ingredients will nourish the body and awaken the senses.

By night, lamps light your way along winding paths to your own private hut, hand-crafted from local sustainable materials.



Relax and unwind on your Indian day-bed or private balcony and if you’re not yet ready for the day to end, come enjoy the sounds of traditional Indian music by the fire-pit with a glass of chai in hand.

Finally, allow the gentle rhythm of the ocean to send you into the best night's sleep for your mind, body and spirit. Banyan Tree Yoga is a rich healing place which opens all the senses and has won awards for service, ambience and commitment to creating a little piece of heaven right here on earth. 

 We look forward to welcoming you and sharing its wonders.

Hear first hand reviews from the mouths of others, check out their Trip Advisor page

Early Bird Tickets: £750.00 per person (limited availability)

General Admission Tickets:  £830.00 per person,

What's not incuded:

* Flights to India

* Visas

* Travel Insurance

* Other activities 

*Payment in instalments can be arranged

* Detailed Schedule available on booking

* This retreat is for people of all shapes, all sizes, and you don't have to bend your body like a contortionist to feel at ease here.   We invite you to be yourself, come from the heart and revel in all that you are. Perfect for beginners to Yoga, Coaching & Retreats.

* Pictures, more details and community can be found over on our Facebook Event page

What's included:
 * 7 nights Eco-accommodation (single and sharing options available)
 * Healthy balanced Vegetarian food freshly & lovingly prepared
 * Airport Transfers (from/to Dabolim airport Goa)
 * 2 x 1hr Transformational Life Coaching Sessions (1 in-country & 1 on return home)
 * 2 x daily Yoga practice (all levels welcome, evening Yoga Nidra)
 * New Moon Manifestation & Fire Ceremony Release
 * Guided meditations & self-discovery/leadership exercises
 * Cacao ceremony
 * Complimentary 1 hour Massage
 * Trip to Apora Night Market

This retreat is for you if:

  • You're on a journey to awakening new possibilities and opportunities within yourself.

  • You've never been on a retreat before and want to experience a blend of movement and supportive mindset practices.

  • You're seeking to learn practical, holistic tools & techniques to manage the challenges of life, relationships and work..

  • You're looking for a more integrated, purposeful and inspired way of living.

  • You're on autopilot and numb, struggling to feel passionate about anything.

  • You're fed up of playing second fiddle to everyone else needs and looking to be number 1 for a change.

On this retreat you can expect to walk away with new practical and sustainable tools &techniques as well as insights and shifts and a deep knowing of who you want to be and what you long to create in the year to come.

# Sample Schedule

  • Early morning meditation and Yoga

  • Healthy nourishing breakfast

  • 1:1 Coaching session/workshop activity

  • Afternoon at leisure (Journalling, Rest, Beach, Massage)

  • Early Evening Restorative Yoga

  • Dinner followed by cleansing tea

  • Evening Gathering (guided ceremony/ritual/meditation)

 #Your Hosts



Amanda is a CTI trained Co-Active transformational life coach, facilitator and Reiki Practitioner who teaches practical, yet soulful ways to find fulfillment and leadership in life. In the last 12 months, Amanda has spent much of her time honing her skills in the field of holistic wellness having been on her own personal journey with Breast Cancer. Amanda flicks the switch on comfort, control strategies and emotion evasion so that you can step into your power and enter a truly inspiring, loving and authentic future.

Tara Profile.jpg


Tara is a certified 700hr Yoga Teacher, Writer and Cacaoista passionate in sharing true yoga that dissolves the individual into their essence nature by continually pointing towards the heart and thus; freedom. Tara has spent time in nature, monasteries and ashrams bringing focus to her practice and more recently integrating it’s magic into everyday practices, harnessing the power of discernment from her own heart to those she interacts with directly or indirectly, focusing on that which aligns with each individuals personal truth on a daily basis.

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Banyan Tree Yoga

Annu & Chinu, are founders & co-owners of Banyan Tree Yoga, an award-winning small eco-retreat abundant with spiritual energy tucked away in the Goan wilderness. Handcrafted huts made from local sustainable materials, lush and beautifully maintained gardens alongside home-made food sourced from local farmers and lovingly prepared. All this, only a short walk from idyllic Goan beaches of Ashvem and Mandrem.

 Email us and book/ask a question

InToMeYouSee Gathering 2020 *
InToMeYouSee Gathering 2020

Photographs on this page are a mix of our own personal snapshots and those of friend and photographer Annabel Osborne @annabel_osborne