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My passion is to help young professionals become more resilient, self-loving and move beyond the demons inside their head that keep them stuck or playing small.

Working with me is all about discovering opportunities and creating space in your head to enjoy the moments that matter.

Learn to trust your intuition, accept your full self (including the bits we’d rather not own up to) and cultivate ritual/daily practices to help you go from strength to strength.

Sessions are intended to provoke deep reflection, give you concrete practical tools to work with and turn your greatest frustrations into your greatest gifts.

I work with you

  • to lead from the heart so that the decisions you make are yours, impactful and don’t leave you with sleepless nights.

  • to connect your corporate and spiritual self so that you feel more aligned and no longer feel like a fraud/imposter.

  • to grow your confidence, success and money without feeling shame for what you want to achieve.

  • to lean away from your reactive self and step into your creative resourcefulness so that life is working for you rather than against you.

How it works?

Coaching is a powerful journey and evoking transformation ultimately comes down to commitment to the process. On average, clients work with me from 3-6 months but it can be less or more. There are 2 one hour sessions per month which are online or face to face (depending on your location) with unlimited email support in between. Payment is monthly and in advance.

My coaching is holistic which means we work with what shows up, whether it is personal issues of life balance, relationships, business successes or general conditions in your life.

Getting started?

We kick off with a free sample session to lean into whether i'm the right coach for you. If it's a YES then you'll get guidance on payment schedules, logistics & other bits & bobs to help with your on-boarding. From here, we will have a 1.5 hour discovery session where we dive deep into your story. Your relationship to yourself, your roots, your needs, beliefs and expectations from life. 1 week later we get into your first coaching session.

 *Coaching is like anything in life, you have to find the right fit for you. If after a sample session the match isn’t right between coach and client or coaching just isn’t for you, there is no obligation to continue

Finding the right coach is a personal matter. I chose to work with Amanda because I was stuck in my career. She works with you to find the root causes and has the ability to intuitively gain a lot of insight from a little bit of information and interaction. Progress with Amanda will be genuine and lasting—it’s not a superficial exercise.

My experience with Amanda has been deeply affecting and helpful. She is a joyful and generous spirit with a talent for connecting deeply with her clients and helping them create a momentum to build and sustain wellbeing, meaning and happiness in their lives.
— Vikki