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Pay day weekend, tombola rolls again,

turn that man handle and look for the rain,

Barely a man and where no child has been,

Ripped stripped flesh, what horrors unseen

Be not afraid, come Boti come,

Perfume intoxicates, blood alcohol one

Relax Boti, Relax, 2 rand all ya need

Forget your women and all of her greed


Come Boti Come, rage fill your desires

but fame holds no ground in this necklace of tyres

Burn em up, Burn em up, burn em up good 

Teach dem a lesson for wandering our hood

The night is young and dreams are made here.

Grab your plastic bag, the night’s souvenir


Come Boti Come, Come drink with me,

 inhale the tik, be real men you see

Community justice, fuck da police

Machete da head, we call that release

Generations lost, but what do you know,

Mother Afrika bears us a sure, steady flow.


Look here she comes, ready to bear child, 

pray it’s a boy, another one to the wild

Tell me brother, what you got in ya pocket?

Sacrifice to me, ya phone and ya wallet

For I need it you see, money don’t grow on trees

Taverns I visit while they fall to their knees


The devil’s in hell you’ve nothing to fear.

heaven on earth, but ain’t none of dhat here

 Do you know where you are, do you know of this place,

The devil’s right here from the look on ya face.

Amanda DevineComment