Colour me Black

Colour me Black2.jpg

United of States by god given right.

Unholy rage cast forth, shadows of night.

Star-Spangled Banner, is this your desire

Broken children lined up for the funeral pyre

The power you yield is not yours to own

Neither servant or saviour, this unholy throne.


Mistaken, no threat but unfounded fear,

Behold the shackles you hold to so dear 

Black heavy, metal, does it make you feel strong, 

Finger on trigger, to whom do you belong. 

You speak not for me, nor my colour or creed

You now lie in wait as one who will bleed


Bleed not thy blood but heart, soul and mind,

Bear witness the grief, that which you designed

God with one nation and liberty for all.

Time will bear witness and watch as they fall


Colour me black, hood my youth

Challenge the ignorance, their ways, their untruth

Stand proud young men, don’t rise up in anger

Words be your sword, master and commander.


United of States, by god given right

Pray not mistake, injustice for might

Pray not sink deeper into pockets so deep

Riches pile up, while you lie and weep.

Amanda DevineComment