Cold Air

Cold Air.jpg


We were on the bus, you were being ridiculous

encounters like this ain’t gonna be frictionless

I don’t get you man, you’re my antithesis

Your need for air, don’t go easy with the populous


Slaves to the world, your being, so inconsiderate

You hear my cries, your behaviour is deliberate

look here my grill, go ahead, stamp on it

I’ll be prayin hard, your soul you won’t deposit


Harsh mother nature when did we lose our unity,

Supposed to be my sister but all you do is dissin me.

Must I suffer your poison to get gold nugget credits

Scream up to the sky, the lies and tears you debit.


We were on the bus, fear bred and transmitted

but let me tell you summat, you’ll never leave me limited.

For I am a giant all up in your face 

Power to the people with love, soul and grace.

Amanda DevineComment