Since deathly thirst swallowed the elixir of you
Since ears unlocked to all unspoken truths,
Since vacant body rested on earthly ochre skin
Since intoxicated by your rhythm I marinated within,

Since starvation from thoughts was nourishment to the bones
Since touching my skin delivered orgasmic undertones, 
Since giving of all meant nothing in return
Since crumbling to ashes meant new fire could burn,

Since light rose up into the mahatma of night
Since denying my Eden obscured me from sight,
Since sweet essence of jasmine moved mountains inside me
Since bathing in your waters was where dreams could find me

Since learning to not speak but breath into transcendence
Since kissed by your spirit I am soothed by remembrance
Take me into your mouth, a sweet gift of communion
Bind me unto you like atoms in fusion.
Universal energy, union sublime
Land of my heart, my mistress of design

Amanda DevineComment