What shadows are these that cover my might, veil my bright day to blackened night.

 Darken my soul from all that is fair, reach far beyond my depths of despair.

Release these shackles to which I am bound, rise up supreme being of wonders profound.

Hide not thy soul for I know you too well, the ongoing cycle between heaven and hell.

Circle me, see me, do not hide from my gaze, rush through these veins like electricity waves.

Understand I exist but am not to be broken, shatter not my world with words softly unspoken.

As I crawl through the dirt, air touch my skin, catch light my kindle, flames rise within.

Follow me upwards and bury you down, rivers of love in which ye shall drown.

The body surrenders, inhaling the pain, I weep tears of joy for all that remain.

Amanda DevineComment