Amanda Devine
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I engage minds,  unleash imagination, evoke emotions, unlock hearts.

I Awaken Giants

Tell me first what you actually do and why you do it?

“Be yourself because everybody else is already taken”  All too often, our lives seem to drift into the feeling of being lost in translation. A place where living congruently has been replaced by a cycle of struggle, repetitive behaviours and ways of being which no longer serve us.

Back in 2014 I quit the corporate ladder following an epic burnout. I had confused an addiction to prove my worthiness with love of my job. Add into the equation trauma from a parental death, failed relationships and a cycle of repetitive destructive behaviours, and it’s no wonder I felt empty, alone and lost.

I do this work because I know what it is like to trudge up that mountain thinking you have all the right equipment only to get to the top and be faced with no clue of where you are, or how to get back to a safe, balanced, loving space.

 Through coaching, I provide a safe space to question, reflect and strip back the noise to the core of your truth. I am a certified Co-Active life coach who flicks the switch on comfort, control strategies and emotion evasion. As an ongoing student of life. I coach people to lead with their heart, to unravel what they are being called to do, to choose recovery over relapse and to fall more in love with their true authentic selves each day. 

Helping people to upgrade their lives and to confidently commit to the path least travelled, their own breathtaking path, and their own their “AHA!” moments is the most rewarding  impact I could ever dream of having.

What should clients expect from your coaching?

My Coaching is all about building personal leadership, self-love and resilience. It's a space where both client and coach co-design the way in which we will work so that it feels safe and nurturing. It is however, a space where we come to do deep work and as such we don’t hide from the big questions, we give permission to all voices and all feelings, and empower workable action so that you are no longer saving your best for later!

Clients can expect a clearer perspective on their contribution to the world, excitement in moving forward, bold challenges, improved focus, increased self-esteem as well as a calm, peaceful presence.

If your inner voice is all too often saying “I feel stuck”, “I have more to give” or amongst other things “is this it?” then drop me a line.

Do you have a coaching Superpower?

I'm a creative ideas person at heart and so i absolutely love coming up with new, novel and sustainable ways to enhance the experience of coaching. I write and record meditations, design worksheets, tasks and activities as well as come up with bold, jaw-dropping challenges for my clients. Expect the unexpected!

What drew you to pursuing a career as a Life Coach?

As a former Change and Operations Manager within the Education and Publishing industry, I found myself thriving in a role and company that gave me purpose. Wherever there was high pressure, high expectations and challenge, I could be found. That was, until I could no longer stomach the life I had boxed myself into and I burnt out. I don't for one minute regret my roles in change management, it's a field i still love deeply. My learning however has been in knowing what I bring to the table and what my ego can let go of.

Whilst exploring my values and overcoming the death of my father, I found my coach. She truly started me on the journey to the woman i am proud to be today. Knowing about anything in life had never come from a book, rules or frameworks, I understood and learnt about life through experiences. Life coaching feels like home to me, something i was born to do and I am passionate about.

Life is my laboratory, I am hungry, for everything that it has to give, the good, the great, the awesome and yeah I’ll even take a bit of the bad stuff every now and again; a reminder that everything has balance. It was this gift which made me understand the true value of coaching.  

From a personal perspective, how does your work inform your life?

The synchronicity of what happens in coaching and in life never ceases to amaze me.  Everything in life is energy and life begins to unfold and shift after each session for both the client and the coach.  

Many people believe that as coaches we have it all sorted and that is strictly not true. Being a coach isn't about being perfect, no one is free of the highs and lows in life. It is  about confronting the experiences we have in life, each time evolving with greater awareness, respect and ownership so that in turn we can guide and support others to do the same.

The legacy I commit to wholeheartedly and without question is helping others to find their way to a more mind blowing, awesome existence.
— Amanda Devine

Do you work as an associate coach for any organisations?

Yes, apart from running my own private practice I also work as an associate coach for Sanctus (mission to promote mental healthcare in the workplace), Climate Change Coaches and I also provide coaching services through The Princes Trust organisation.