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Lead with Love

is all about learning how to upscale your life, business, relationships and ultimately your Success from a place of love, not fear.

Everything in life comes down to relationships be they romantic, familial, wealth or work-based and, the success of all your relationships starts with your own relationship to self. So let me ask you -

How much do you truly and authentically love yourself right now?

Is it a resounding "I make myself so happy" or do you have doubts, do you struggle with accepting who you are, where you are and what life is giving you. What does your outer world have to say about your inner emotional state? Is your world stable, confident and abundant?

 Successful personal leadership and authentic power is often missing when:

  • you're resistant to "Love" as a seat of power and practice in your life

  • you're stuck in surface level relationships that aren't meaningful or sustainable

  • you're working tirelessly trying to stay in control and yet your emotional ups and downs mean you are so often out of control

  • you've lost the trust and faith to succeed and you're falling back into old habits

  • you are caught-up in re-runs of the past and limiting the future

  • you're consistently looking outwardly for the next person to make things in your life work

  • you struggle to be with yourself and have a deep sense of lonliness even when surrounded by others.

This personal leadership programme is a journey back to thriving in love instead of starving. 

Over the course of the programme you will learn how to:

  1. Break free of the box that determines who loves you, and exactly how lovable you are.

  2. Release the stories that keep you stuck in low vibrational energies (fatigue, anger, jealousy, frustration...)

  3. Anchor down into the resources and gifts that are uniquely yours without 2nd guessing.

  4. Grow your wealth in money, energy and purpose

  5. Narrow the gap of comparison between who you are now and where you want to be.

  6. Raise and sustain your high vibrational energies when you need them most.

  7. Build your support system that keeps you on track, on purpose and in action

  8. Create and fine-tune personal boundaries to create real connection which moves away from codependency and people pleasing.

  9. Acknowledge and Celebrate yourself like you would those you love.


  • A set of inquiries to get you grounded in your current reality with Love. Your responses will create the focus and intention for our follow-up discovery session

  • Our 2 hour discovery session via phone or video is all about building from the foundations starting with our relationship, and deepening into the method and approach which will bring you the greatest success at the end of our time together. This session consists of storytelling, powerful questioning to provoke greater insight and clarification of goals and achievements, identification of core values and agreements on how you want to be held accountable throughout the programme.

  • Following your discovery session you will have five 45 min coaching sessions that work on exploring the emotions of your blocks, shifting perspective on your own unique ways of self-sabotage and providing personalised tasks that get you moving.

  • Each week you'll get a new set of daily practices

  • In addition to personalised tasks, you'll receive 6 sets of audio/video recordings and PDF workbooks to accompany your daily practice for the week ahead.

  • Unlimited email support between sessions to help you feel supported, motivated and accountable.

  • A 1 hour completion session to check in, look back at all you have achieved and examine the ways to empower yourself on the road ahead.

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  • This option is great for anyone who needs hands on help creating their own self-love action plan without commitment to longer term coaching sessions

  • To get things started, you’ll receive a set of inquiries to get you grounded in the key area of focus for your rapid self-love journey, be it your relationship to money, a key person in your life, health or your career.

  • 1-day personalised face to face or via video designed to give you a taster of the wide range of tools, techniques and actions you can put into your plan for the forthcoming month and how to get the most out of their practice. This day is packed with energy and action with on the day challenges brainstorming sessions and coaching.

  • 30 minute check-in 1 month later to see how things are going, where you are against the goals in your plan and what's next?


Click "Enroll Now" to  get started or schedule a call with me to find out more