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Day of the Dead ("Día de los Muertos")

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I am fascinated by the topics that we find the hardest to talk about because like you, I have found them difficult too. Death is one of those topics!

We all will face death and yet, for many of us, we avoid having any relationship to it. Our inability to talk about death openly and freely in our society has played right into the hands of fear. The Day of the Dead is a beautiful celebration and tradition from Mexico that takes place each year to remember and honour our beloved ancestors who have passed away and support their ongoing spiritual journey. Death here is not the end, merely a transition.

To mark our very own "Día de los Muertos", we will be holding a group dialogue and experiential workshop to explore how we can open up our hearts and minds to death and thus strengthen our connection to life.

What would it feel like to talk about death openly and freely without judgement?

What do we have to say about death as our connection to life?

Join us for the first in a series of 3 separate dialogues on death, mental health and sex, where we open up the doors on topics long considered taboo.

Engage in conversation, sharing, and meditation as an opportunity to invite in healing, understanding and fresh perspectives on the realities we all face.

What to expect:

  • thought-provoking group discussion with no specific agenda to lead people to any conclusion other than to generate meaningful and energetic conversation.

  • group meditation

  • group, partner and individual reflection and experiential activities

  • Refreshments and Raw Cacao truffles to help us speak our heart's truths

  • confidentiality in respect to what is shared

  • curiosity to explore marginal voices

  • a space where people come to communicate openly, thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Benefits of the workshop:

  • a chance to connect deeply with like-minded people, and an opportunity for profound personal growth.

  • a space to be heard, process and release emotional energies that may be keeping you stuck

  • an opportunity to explore and promote compassion towards a broad range of different perspectives

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