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Your relationship with your work is not so unholy different from that of your personal relationships. In an era of work with unprecedented change, what set’s aside those sustainable partnerships worth the continual investment, from those that we happily turn our backs on.

Back in 2014, I left my career following a burnout. I left bruised and battered by my own choices and a sense that my struggle had gone unnoticed.

In today’s organisations we talk about transparency, honest conversations, and agility in our workforce and yet never before have we been so disconnected in our humanity. that it’s become almost impossible to say wholeheartedly we have a clear sense of the health of our workforce.

For tomorrow’s work relationship to thrive we must avoid the impending divorce and put self-love leadership back on the boardroom agenda!

Self-Love Leadership

  • Go from reactive to creative by learning to harness the power of your inner emotional environment

  • Face difficult conversations head on with powerful tools and techniques that empower you into action and leave the fears and worries aside.

  • Learn to model gratitude and forgiveness in all your interactions building confidence, trust and a growth mindset amongst you and your people.

  • Drive greatness from curiosity and live your values from the front, back, side and centre.

I work with

  • Your business to ride on the wave of unprecedented change rather than be drowned in its wake.

  • Businesses who see their staff as critical to their growth and success and who want their ultimately want their workforce to stay better or leave well.

  • Businesses who are intentionally looking ahead beyond task automation to what’s next for the human in the 21st century.

How it works?

I work with partners for a minimum of 6 months at a rate of 2 hours per month. Check-ins to monitor progress take place at the end of each 2 month period with both individuals. teams/ and sponsor.

My coaching is about commitment and action, so with each session comes tools, techniques and exercises to practice so that learning is long lasting and not a one-off affair. 

Whilst the focus of organisational coaching is all about raising potential and wellness of employees within a company, life on the outside is always present and can sometimes sabotage our movement within the workforce. Coaching with me focuses on the whole person and gives permission to both sponsor and individual/team to enter and integrate a new compelling field of leadership.

Getting started?

Organisational coaching is a relationship system that by design requires collaboration and consultation, our initial session is with all parties (coach, individual/team and sponsor), usually line manager).  Here we openly discuss the expectations, needs and goals of all, including what atmosphere we want to co-create around the coaching, what shared responsibility exists here and what behavioural agreements need to be present.

After this initial discussion the individual/team and coach will meet privately adhering to a clear agreement on the exchange of coaching information between all parties.

To request a proposal or to chat further about your specific needs, please drop me a line at

Amanda strikes the difficult balance between careful listening, honest feedback and the sharing of her experience and ideas. Our sessions have been thought-provoking and challenging; looking at life from new perspectives. After only 5 weeks of coaching with Amanda, my attitude about myself and my role at my organisation has already begun to shift. I recommend coaching with Amanda to those who require direction, confidence and authentic communication about their career and future.