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I move past the 'technical or functional expertise of an employee, and coach the leader that lies within.  Through value-based coaching work I work to provide new tools, techniques and fresh perspectives.  Employees find their voice amongst the crowd, learn to speak their truth with authenticity and clarity. In return what is achieved is a sustainable breakthrough performance for both the individual and the company with fulfilment the core element.

I work with

  • Individual/groups who you want to stay better or leave well without extensive sickness or redundancy payments
  • Individuals whose potential you want to challenge & grow without handing over your calendar 
  • Individuals/groups who want to find their soul & performance without yet another meeting with HR (Human Resources)
  • Managers who want to achieve balance (the sweet spot between functional management and true leadership) without losing sight of the dream goals
  • Individuals looking to move beyond workplace stonewalling/bullying without tribunals

How it works?

I work with clients for a minimum of 6 months at a rate of 2 hours per month. Check-ins to monitor progress take place at the end of each 2 month period with both client and sponsor.

My coaching is about commitment and action, so with each session comes tools, techniques and exercises to practice so that learning is long lasting and not a one-off affair. 

Whilst the focus of corporate coaching is all about raising potential and wellness of employees within a company, life on the outside is always present and can sometimes sabotage our movement within the workforce. Coaching with me focuses on the whole person and gives permission to both sponsor and client to enter and integrate a new compelling field of leadership.

Getting started?

As corporate coaching is a relationship system that by design requires collaboration and consultation, our initial session is with all parties (coach, client and sponsor, usually line manager).  Here we openly discuss the expectations, needs and goals of all, including what atmosphere we want to co-create around the coaching, what shared responsibility exists here and what behavioural agreements need to be present.

After this initial discussion the client and coach will meet privately adhering to a clear agreement on the exchange of coaching information between all parties.

To request a proposal or to chat further about your specific needs, please drop me a line at

Amanda strikes the difficult balance between careful listening, honest feedback and the sharing of her experience and ideas. Our sessions have been thought-provoking and challenging; looking at life from new perspectives. After only 5 weeks of coaching with Amanda, my attitude about myself and my role at my organisation has already begun to shift. I recommend coaching with Amanda to those who require direction, confidence and authentic communication about their career and future.