All across the world women are waking up alone. Waking up to trauma, waking up not knowing themselves, waking up to feeling insignificant, to self-diagnosis, to wanting much more, to events that cannot be reconciled, to feeling empty or simply waking up to pain as the closest people around them are not waking up.

I'm Amanda Devine, a Co-Active life coach, businesswoman & custodian of my own spiritual awakening. I’m on a mission to have women accept themselves, to reach into the barrel of their bellies and to pull out their soul so that they are no longer hiding, no longer crucifying themselves, no longer running backwards but leaping forwards to a life that is owned by them, made for them and lived by them.

What is it

Waking Women Up is an online Facebook community who come together to hear new approaches to tough life challenges, share high & low moments vulnerably, to show up and sing their song without judgement and to receive practical guidance to keep moving forward as opposed to running back to an unfulfilled life.

What happens here

For the most part we'll be talking about big issues - what makes us feel rejected and misunderstood by others or ourselves, what is keeping us stuck, when do we talk badly to ourselves & why, where are we playing small, what is the state of our relationships as we explore more of what we want, what can we simply not let go of and to what and whom are we codependent.

I combine Co-Active coaching with practices from different healing and energy modalities. I co-create with women using transformative practices so the next guru you turn to is your most powerful self.


As an added bonus to this learning community you also get challenges I set from time to time to help you lean into resistance, fears, and dreams. I encourage you to give it all a go and share your experiences so that we can be inspired by YOU. You'll also get priority news & offers from time to time regarding my latest programmes or wellness retreats.

Come on in

We'd love to see you in Women Waking UP!! To join a growing community of women changing themselves and the world simply submit your request to join by clicking here

Rebels don't like rules:

If you’re all about the rules then I’m not your girl, however, I too like to know what space I’m entering into on Facebook, so here are my top 4 think twice about applying to join/staying in the group if you’ don’t agree

1) You don't have to be a Yogi, a shaman or a healer to join this group. You need to be open but don't need to know all that much about consciousness. This is your playground, you get to learn and explore your spiritual side here without feeling like a fraud

2) This place is sacred. Please don’t share other people's stories outside of this group without their consent.

3) Talk kindly. Do not compare and minimise yourself or others. Know that you can be powerful, supportive and impactful when heart-centred.

4) This place ain’t no market stall and it isn’t all about promoting what we do. I’m all for sharing and supporting people in their endeavours so if there is something you’re excited about sharing for the benefit of the whole group, run it past me first by emailing me directly at