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No longer in the bubble of your training programme? Between core curriculum sessions and need some support? Starting to doubt your ability to make this your next career? Facing the scary reality of setting up your own coaching practice,

Get some no-nonsense practical advice and guidance from someone who has been in your shoes. Let’s work together to deepen the learning and forward the action in service of you.

I work with

  • Coaches who want to get clients without endless facebook ads

  • Coaches who want to dive deep into tools/techniques outside of a large group

  • Coaches who want to get their niche and businesses off the ground without another 6-months of self-doubt

  • Coaches who want practical advice without a long-term commitment

How it works?

This is coaching and mentoring intertwined, I coach you powerfully, I share with you the tools and techniques I use when coaching and I bring my wealth of experience in business to creatively brainstorm with you the ways in which you can challenge yourself and your business.  Think of me as your very own business partner but one you can let go of without any drama when you no longer need me.

Getting started?

Ok so you know the drill, It all starts with a free sample session to see if we are the right fit. If it's a "YES" then we head into a 'Discovery' session so I have more context on where you are and where you wan to be,  Your coaching sessions that follow can be split in any way you feel necessary on the day. Somedays it will be more coaching and others more mentoring depending on what is coming up as you navigate through setting up your practice.

Drop me a line at and let's start talking.

Amanda has not only been a phenomenal coach but also an amazing mentor. I loved her professional approach and positive energy from the start and I knew she would be just perfect for me. Her undeniable intuition, support and patience have been priceless during our coaching relationship but above all, her genuine curiosity in my goals and my feelings was certainly something that I enjoyed the most. It allowed me to really question my status quo and look at things from a different perspective. Thank you for everything Amanda!
— Patrycja