Rebecca, Marketing & Events Manager

I approached Amanda for coaching as I experienced quite a lot of life changes - new city, new job and a break-up coupled with depression. Amanda has helped me build up my confidence and self-worth by getting to the root causes. She has challenged me to see different perspectives, challenged my negative inner voice and been an incredible sound-board and motivator in self-exploration.

Amanda is great to work with as she sees the incredible complexities and wonder in you as an individual and encourages you to celebrate that. She gives a great balance of challenge and encouragement in the sessions, along with homework that puts everything into practice. Working with Amanda is like having a personal sports coach - she's always on your team, helps you fine tune, learn, grow and explore with courage. If I could sum up Amanda's coaching in 3 words I would say: nurturing, inspiring and vivacious.

Michelle, Author & Social Media Strategist


I was feeling rather ‘stuck’, struggling to motivate myself. Procrastination and self-doubt gremlins had really set in and I was left feeling unsure about the value I bring and worthiness of my voice. Deep inside, I valued myself and my purpose butthere was a blockage in some part of my mindset. I immediately felt that Amanda ‘got’ me and that if anyone was going to help me, she was. 

Coaching with Amanda was a really authentic experience. It often takes a lot to drop your guard, unmask and be vulnerable and transparent. Yet, Amanda has a way about her which immediately tapped into this aspect. There was authentic empathy, no judgment, no waffle, no beating about the bush, her coaching is provocative and full of practical support.
I got over my procrastination and repositioned the whole conversation I was having with myself. This was a big step. It totally transformed the way I operate. I was very comfortable playing small, afraid to talk about my achievements or progress, for fear of showing off and making others uncomfortable. 

There’s coaching and there’s coaching. Thanks to Amanda’s coaching, I resolved a lot more than the issue that I initially sought support with.


Olivia, Creative Director


I chose life coaching at a challenging time in my life.  I’d tried different methods of overcoming my demons in the past but this time I really couldn’t see the woods for the trees, and so felt that I wanted to try a different approach, something more collaborative and questioning. Amanda was a Facebook recommendation from a friend and I can honestly saying being coached by her has been a life-changing, invigorating and an exciting (ongoing) experience.

Working with Amanda is helping me to make positive changes that feel exciting and nourishing where new perceptions are offered up. Our sessions are thought-provoking and stimulating and I come away from each session feeling energised.  Importantly – she knows when to push and when to store questions up for another session, as she is able to work with wherever I am at that moment in time and challenge me in a really positive and supportive way. She is a total badass with a fantastic energy and spirit. I always look forward to our sessions as she is able to make a deep and genuine connection.


Wren, Artistic Director


I'm an open minded individual and have in the past opted for counselling and 'conventional' forms of therapy. Life coaching was something I thought of as a bit random and didn't quite think it would be for me. Nonetheless, I gave it a go and absolutely loved it! With methods like counselling etc, I have found it can take trying out a few different people to find a connection that works. It may sound cheesy but Amanda and I clicked straight away and what blew me away was her ability to get me to see things so differently which is a challenge as i'm so analytical. Amanda is an extraordinary woman, she has a beautiful nature and a unique wisdom that I found exceptionally helpful. I can't recommend her enough and feel so fortunate that we have crossed paths.


Deepa, Life Coach


I was a student on the Co-Active coach training programme and was looking for a coach to help support me through the final stages of the programme.  Amanda stood out from the outset because she didn’t follow a ‘one size fits all approach and was practical, authentic, flexible and friendly.  Amanda challenged and questioned me to understand my ultimate goal/s and presented me with unique yet pragmatic tactics to  attain meaningful solutions.  She is so genuine, personable and an individual whom I trusted completely. 

I found a great connection in Amanda who practiced a holistic approach. Together we talked and she listened in non-judgemental ways and motivated me to achieve my goals.  To sum up Amanda as a coach, she is inspirational, very intuitive, rejuvenating and a champion for her clients.


Faye, Fashion Stylist


I was looking to break with existing routines and habits, set goals and get some clarity around my career direction in order to develop. 

Amanda’s coaching is light, fun and eye opening. It is really positive to feel so comfortable in the sessions but to come away with clear tasks and ideas to develop and tackle the questions and obstacles I feel I have been facing.

The biggest impact has been understanding the way I look at life. The coaching sessions/homework are personalised to fit with me, my personality and outlook at life.. Coaching with Amanda has really helped me feel I am blossoming. Amanda has a really intuitive, giving, warm spirit and it feels very personal in each session which is motivating and makes you want to rebook and keep developing!


Brenna, Photographer & Yogi


I felt stuck - even though I owned a flat in London, had a decent job and could afford to take nice holidays, I wasn't happy. I'd been thinking about changing my career for years, but never knew how. I didn't know what else I would do or where to start. I kept moving jobs hoping the next one would be "the one". 

I'd never considered coaching before. I met up with Amanda for a sample session and I knew she was the right person. Amanda gave me the courage and confidence to make my own decisions and reminded me to trust myself.  I'd always sought other people's advice (especially my parents) on what I should be doing. She helped me break things down into bite size pieces and see that I wasn't completely stuck and could make these changes myself.

Amanda has great energy and the connection for me was the most important thing I needed from a life coach. Her coaching is life changing, fun, supportive and I always look forward to our sessions.


John, Project Manager


I always look forward to my conversations with Amanda. She is able to strike the difficult balance between careful listening, honest feedback and the sharing of her experience and ideas. Amanda asks the right questions and has helped me to focus and prioritise. The sessions have been thought-provoking and challenging, looking at issues and goals from new perspectives.

 After only 5 weeks of coaching with Amanda, my attitude about myself and and my role at my organisation has already begun to shift. I would recommend to coaching with Amanda to anyone who requires direction, confidence and authentic communication about their career and future.


Patrycja, Life Coach


“Amanda has not only been a phenomenal coach but also an amazing mentor. I loved her professional approach and positive energy from the start and I knew she would be just perfect for me. Her undeniable intuition, support and patience have been priceless during our coaching relationship but above all, her genuine curiosity in my goals and my feelings was certainly something that I enjoyed the most. It allowed me to really question my status quo and look at things from a different perspective. Thank you for everything Amanda!”



Vikki, Writer & Instructional Designer


Finding the right coach is a personal matter. I chose to work with Amanda because I was stuck in my career. She works with you to find the root causes and has the ability to intuitively gain a lot of insight from a little bit of information and interaction. Progress with Amanda will be genuine and lasting—it’s not a superficial exercise. 

My experience with Amanda has been deeply affecting and helpful. She is a joyful and generous spirit with a talent for connecting deeply with her clients and helping them create a momentum to build and sustain wellbeing, meaning and happiness in their lives.”